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Integrate Bouygues Construction’s “Campus” offer.

Matching Up, an international co-innovation programme.


To achieve our transformation in the construction and real estate sector, Bouygues Construction has created Matching Up, a programme to support and accelerate open-innovation projects between startups and Group employees.

Targeting our operational needs, we call for projects regularly in order to identify and develop sustainable partnerships.


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Integrate Bouygues Construction’s “Campus” offer.



Campuses are being transformed by the digital revolution, the push for sustainable development, increased numbers of students, globalisation, evolving economic and governance models, higher demands for lucrative degrees and more competitive labour forces. These forces are also changing the approaches to education and the students themselves.

No aspect of campus life is unaffected. The geography and everyday experience of education, ways of teaching and learning, students’ position, and the structure of research are shifting in line with four main trends shaping the campus of tomorrow: connectivity, urban identity, socioeconomic awareness, and social responsibility. Campuses must rise to these challenges and find their footing in a context of stiffer international competition between higher education institutions.

Bouygues Construction wanted to combine its thinking and enrich its proposals by developing partnerships with innovation players. Objective: Co-create the campus of tomorrow.

Your project is about

Campus Experience

New services and use of campus spaces

The building as a pedagogical support

Eco-responsible campus

Connected campus

Campus Security

The campus and the city

On and off-campus mobility


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We are Matching Up.

Here is our dedicated team that works day after day to transform and accelerate innovation in the company and the construction & real estate industry.